Search Party

Search Party

Create an immersive, playful experience for team building or just plain fun with our crazy mix of maps, clues, and creative challenges.

Attention, savvy team builder - your Search Party has been activated!

In this fast-paced amazing race, a Run Brain Run Game Director hands you a mission pack full of cunning clues and dastardly challenges, trusting in your group’s keen perception, its ability to navigate and its capacity for unraveling riddles. Suddenly, you are off on a real-time location game competing against other teams to sniff out clues, which lead to more clues, in a collaborative DaVinci Code-like experience.

You may fashion your adventure for indoors or outdoors and at a variety of venues or locations. Search Party’s mix of maps, clues, and creative challenges creates an immersive, team building experience for groups eager to combine culture, coordinates and comedy for a delightful day of play.

But you have to keep your head on a swivel, because each part of the game zone you’ve chosen is a potential piece of the clue you are working on. All the while, you can feel Run Brain Run Game Director lurk nearby, incognito, watching to see how well you work together to complete zany challenges and earn points in the allotted time!

So, who will be the leader, scout, scribe, or cheerleader? There is no wrong way to have a good time, but a rival team just rounded the corner and they want to win this game, too! Beating them to the final clue could mean earning extra points and winning the grand prize at the culminating awards ceremony. Your Search Party day is just a click away, so Contact us today to book your game date.

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Catered meals, light appetizers or box lunches available for an additional fee.


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