Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour

Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour

Experience chocolate in all its forms, from bean to bar and more. Nibble and sip your way through the city as local chocolatiers pull back the curtain to show you how they satisfy Portland's appetite for all things chocolate.

After an action-packed day of work, everyone deserves to indulge in the divine drink rumored since ancient times to “build up resistance and fight fatigue”. Our Chocolate Decadence tour is just what the doctor ordered.

On this tour, Portland’s chocolatiers showcase their tasty offerings while our knowledgeable Resident Experts lead your group through guided tastings that help you appreciate the versatility and subtlety of chocolate. You’ll nibble, munch, and sip your way through Portland while learning more about chocolate than you thought possible.

Here’s a sample of what you might discover:

  • Chocolate’s transformation from a bitter Mayan medicine to the world’s most popular confection
  • Chocolate’s myriad forms, whether melted or frozen, confection or cocktail
  • Unconventional -- but unexpectedly delicious -- chocolate flavors such as salt, vinegar, and even bacon
  • Your own favorite chocolate!

In a city where culinary experimentation and expertise are highly prized, chocolate is no exception. This is the ultimate tour for chocolate lovers and closet chocolatiers.

Minimum Tour Length: 2.5 hours
Additional Information

Chocolate tastings included.


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