The Epicurean Tour rocks! I learned a ton of stuff and had some *great* food. Herb was fantastic. I had nothing but a wonderful experience. Thank you!

I just wanted to say three things to you and everyone there at Portland Walking Tours;

1st - thanks for being flexible - even though the ticket stated that you would not do modifications, my guests were quite thrilled with the tour on the rescheduled date. Thank for accommodating us! Two jaded Bostonians left with a very favorable impression of Portland.

2nd - The Epicurean Tour rocks! I'm sorry that I hadn't take it before. I've been in Portland for 4 years and in those three+ hours I learned a ton of stuff and had some *great* food. There's just so much happening in the food scene in Portland it's hard to keep up and my out-of-town friends and myself had a wonderful time discovering the latest tastes and trends. (Which is why I just purchased a bunch of gift certificates)

3rd - Herb was fantastic. I wrote down the wrong time by 1/2 hr, and was called by Herb just as we got into Portland. Like a mother hen he got us guided to his location (we were about 10 mins late) and proceeded to take us on a great tour and entertain us with food, local stories, history lessons, etc. He really made it an enjoyable experience and really added to the experience.

So thank you for everything, from the great above-and-beyond customer service to the great tour, I had nothing but a wonderful experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Ron Fosner

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